Сообщение от НАСА! С 15 НОЯБРЯ по 30 ноября между ЗЕМЛЕЙ и СОЛНЦЕМ пройдет - планета НИБИРУ - будет тьма - потом война! Смотрите ниже:

In the near future - all the money will be canceled - instead of money to be chipped survivors - make a choice!

The chips are known to use robots - if you're not a robot - the chips will be implanted in the arm and in the head

- if you will not choose the chip - you are not a robot - and if you are a robot - then choose a chip!

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NASA: November 15 - Nibiru comes between the sun and the earth! (Nibiru left - right sun)

Planet plunge into darkness - for 15 days! The size of Nibiru - 300 000 kilometers in diameter - 50 million kilometers - the magnetosphere!

Nibiru will break the magnetosphere of the planet - earth

Preparation for an earthquake - were held in the United States - this preparation for such events!!!

These events - cause severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions!

There will be a tsunami - more than half of the territory of India will go under water!

Europe will be destroyed - California will be destroyed! Britain and Japan will go under water!

Then there will be a nuclear war!

Nuclear explosions are needed to stabilize the planet in space - that would extinguish the volcano Yellowstone - we need large capacity nuclear missiles - missiles are there in Russia!

Only a nuclear explosion can repay the Yellowstone!

Aegis system will not shoot down nuclear missiles - do not believe the military and the politicians!

Mercury and the earth - in the center

the original here: https://stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov/browse/2016/11/17/ahead/hi1/1024/thumbnail.shtml Nibiru - Breaking news!

They live among us - Look and see the truth of your life!

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